Monday, February 18, 2013

Getting Boys Reading and Writing

I have just come across Gary Wilson's work. Mr. Wilson is a former teacher who noticed the gender gap in writing and has since gone on, in his retirement, to working with boys reading and writing.

He has a series of videos on boys' learning and each video includes a short handout linked just below the video.

Image Credit: Oxford School Improvement


  1. I have just published a series of lesson ideas designed to get boys into writing. I was also a boy who hated writing. Would you consider posting about my ideas or linking to my store at TeachersPayTeachers? Here is a link in case you want to link to it or check it out:

    I could also send a copy of the file if you want to check out the ideas.



    PS: If there are two messages, I apologize, I tried once before and wanted to preview what I wrote. It disappeared.

    1. Hey Glenn,

      This is a non-for-pay labour-of-love blog about motivating boy writers. I don't promote paid materials, just materials that interest me as I browse the web. Now having said that, if someone was to check out your link above, and be willing to pay for your bundle, what's the harm.

      All the best.