Monday, March 22, 2010

Talk Drama and Writing - Social and Emotional Growth

I have found another gem in my professional reading collection.

Sheree North, Teacher-Librarian at The Sterling Hall School in Toronto, writes about drama's role in developing social and emotional growth for boys.

As always, there is added value in her article as she includes explanations about how talk and journal writing contribute to social and emotional growth as part of the process. Read the full article.


"...drama allows students to initiate meaningful talk, to explore the social functions of language" Page 60

"...for boys graphics, visuals, dramatic self-expression all have positive effects on boys" Page 60

Booth 2005

"...getting a boy into keeping a journal is a wonderful thing, we must help our boys make a story of their lives" Page 63

Gurian 1997

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Writing Through Visual Literacy and Drama

Drama, ICT, poetry and visual literacy.

This Boys' Writing Project from Lancashire County, based on evidence informed decision making "was designed to look at different teaching and learning approaches that would appeal to boys as much as girls."

The planning, lessons and illustrative samples are included in the study. As well, on page 29, the Literacy Unit Plan is included. Also, page 46 is the question and answers to the Writing Attitude Questionnaire which was given.