Monday, May 25, 2015

Late Bloomer

Meet Canadian author Alan Bradley

Cast out, called a bad boy, alone in a big city, discouraged early on about his career choice, ill with several childhood illnesses in a row.

But, he was reading at a very early age and spent a lot of time reading in cemeteries. He felt he didn't fit in. Mr. Bradley had his first Flavia book published when he was 69 and has since gone on to publish several more.

One of his book series has as its main character Flavia de Luce, an eleven year old girl who is "passionate about poisons" and from one reader's account of Miss de Luce the way Mr. Bradley thinks and writes the character is remarkable.

Let's be encouraged by Mr. Bradley's career choice in later life. And be pleased that he did not let the discouragements early on get in the way of  his motivation to be a writer.

Read the Toronto Star interview with Mr. Bradley.

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