Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Road Ahead - Benefits of I.C.T.

"New media and technology provided boys with increased opportunities to become engaged. Videos, computer social networks, and computer games supported boys' literacy development. Specifically, blogs, wikis, SMART boards, interactive video/audio conferencing, and gaming activities stimulated and sustained interest and motivation."

Source: February 2009
7th of 8 Key Learnings - Executive Summary
The Road Ahead: Boys' Literacy Teacher Inquiry Project 2005 to 2008

I get excited when I read quotes like this from the research. This quote is part of a 2 page Executive Summary. The full report was funded by the Ontario Ministry of Eduation.

On days like this when I find a gem from the research, I'm encouraged that information and communcations technology is a part of the solution to engage and motivate our boy writers.

Update: Here is the segment of the research that describes how specific schools used the power of technology to motivate and engage boy learners.

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