Monday, January 11, 2010


Nazaury Delgado's work was showcased in the Sunday edition of the New York Times this past weekend.

These remarkable creations were not a part of the high school art curriculum or assigned work. Mr. Delgado created them on his own.

"While the art academy assignments had left him uninspired, the flexibility of Photoshop empowered Mr. Delgado."

As teachers, how often do we come across situations like this? Sometimes students' talents lie undiscovered or unnoticed until awakened or shared openly. Can you imagine encouraging all students to discover hidden or previously undiscovered talents?

The article describes how Mr. Delgado's teachers supported him, took a personal interest in him and helped him get into college: very inspiring.

Photo Credit: Mr. Naz Delgado
NYT Article: Jennifer 8. Lee

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